Recently I found out that Tamzin Merchant was about to play Daenerys in Game of Thrones. And it blew off my mind how much different the whole story would appear if she had take the role.

In “The Tudors” she plays an underage girl who got into power, audacious, mean and loving. She channels that high school bitch image forcing the viewer to grind their teeth, and fascinates with childish sincerity of every movement. She loves with the same sincerity and self-surrender, so inconsistent and so true to herself in every single moment.

Emilia Clarke shows Daenerys personality as a grown-up woman, smooth as an avocado seed, without a single crack to stumble upon. With the outbursts of mighty rage and general serene “I’m cool” attitude. And for sure she is cool, she has dragons and divine powers with her.

The book version of the character is a 14 year old orphan girl. She makes an array of decisions, prompted by feelings of anger, pain, lust, indignation and sympathy, by advises of grown-ups and driven by the undefined force, vaguely recognized as her own personality in the making. And with luck these decisions lead her to power.

She does not follow a path. She is not consistent. She’s a whirlwind, energetic, clueless and vulnerable, holding the potential to become a storm. Imagine all this delivered to you in such a careful manner.

Although that Emilia Clarke had given us some perfect views, I really want to start saving up for my own version of the Game of Thrones. In 60 years, may be…

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