I once read somewhere, that only thing that people can see in their lives is themselves. I imagine it as people and situations are mirrors, always new, always different, from every unexpected angle. Reflecting each other to infinity or just catching a flare.

You will see in me something familiar, I will recognize things in you. If I will be a good, clean mirror, you can understand a thing or two. If you are a good mirror too, we can see the infinite profoundness.

It’s a nice image, but a kind of a platonic one, and it doesn’t reflect (hmm) one important thing — the change. Like you have somewhere the complete “self” from the very beginning, and just recognizing it in the world. But the pure magic of communication is that it’s changing us, it’s creating us — from vague ideas to acute, sharp and precise implementations.

The language, the communication, the connections — what we use become what we are. It looks more like a potter’s wheel, each one both a potter and a clay.

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