The perks of being the worst

After the yesterday’s training I face some difficulties in moving my right hand, and several huge bruises are expected to appear in a few days. So I gonna talk about my parkour training insights a bit.

I was never the worst one, I was never the best one. In every group I had this place in the middle. It was quite stressful: constantly checking if there is somebody who is doing worse than me; constantly creating reasons of why some people are doing better (shortcut: they work more).

This is my monkey heritage of building well-defined hierarchies, anywhere, anytime. And this carefully developed skill just breaks, when you realize that everyone has already jumped over this fence, while you are still deciding which leg to put first.

Being the worst makes me more human. Being the worst sets me free.

This is such a liberating feeling — finally stopping to check your place in this imaginary hierarchy. Finally concentrating on the work fully. On my own things.

Being the worst allows me to be myself.

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