This Greta Thunberg Cult Is All Wrong

It’s not about being angry. It’s about being Sapiens much

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Greta Thunberg by New Yorker cartoons

the issue is still here.

So, the eternal glaciers are melting down and the industrial activity of the human race is contributing to it. We produce such a horrendous amount of one-use, plastic, non-degradable and ultimately useless shit because capitalism. The million-dollar question here is: what do we do now?

I’m regularly baffled by the levels of self-importance that the representatives of the European culture demonstrate on the internet

Because there is no way it can be “we will reject plastic straws and start picking up trash around the beach”. I’m regularly baffled by the levels of self-importance that the representatives of the Western culture demonstrate on the internet — no, your straws don’t matter, and neither do your 3-minute showers and metal bottles. On one side of it, there is, for example, China, producing about a third of plastic waste in the world oceans (guess it’s just the stuff we haven’t bought), and on the other side there’s you with your reusable napkins and “small steps everybody can feel comfortable with”. Just come the f*ck on.

what do we do now?

Do we force our governments to issue laws that restrict production to the limits of what is necessary? You know, admit that the free market is all fun and games until it exhausts all our resources and screws us all over, and establish a planned economy?

you can’t stop people from wanting things.

Because People Always Want Things They Don’t Have — food, shelter, sex, entertainment, prosperity, power, individual freedoms, adoration, knowledge, thrill, security, clarity, curiosity, love, hate, laughter, unstoppable growth. This is our nature. These are the rules of the game: desires are unlimited, resources are numbered, and the human inventiveness keeps trying to find a gap between those two. Even if we discovered that capitalism and consumerism are evil, we can’t simply go back to agrarian societies and slavery. What do we do next?

This ain’t a job for the angry teenagers.

We all really need to think. We need scientists, philosophers, designers, artists, theologists, biologists, builders, analysts, storytellers. It’s not about new technology processes, we have them. It’s not about new materials, we have them. It’s about designing a new way to live.

Or, if you want to be angry— riot, but riot mindfully.

Think about what is going to happen next.

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