I’m searching for an ideal time management system as for Holy Grail, faithfully and desperately. Huge planning notebooks and applications, web-based services and Gannt diagrams, artistic free systems and strict business layouts.

No one of them is trusted and seductive enough to make me keep returning to them once I started. Notebooks and apps are forgotten, and my brain keeps running in circles.

This amount of energy, put only in the maintaining all the processes simultaneously without using any notes can be compared to one required to launch a couple of heavy industry plants. Or three of them.

If you are doing it like me, just take your timer, set it to 3 minutes and in this 3 minutes be proud of yourself. If you are still alive, well and able to maintain your projects, your brain works better than a heavy industry plant. If you feel exhausted walking dead after the work day, you created a power suitable to produce a dozen of panzers.

How to spend this power effectively? We will figure it out.

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